Notes from the Campaign Trail

Thank you for your support. Your donations, endorsements and volunteer signups at, show a groundswell of support since the campaign launch on September 30. We are off and moving forward!

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Big Sur Multi-Agency Advisory Council meeting. It was heartwarming to see the community engagement from all sectors of the region and to hear locals speak passionately about their deepest concerns for Big Sur. These concerns include very real and troubling issues with traffic, fire safety and critical defensible space between residential and public property, fuel reduction and an overwhelming problem regarding a lack of public restrooms along the Big Sur Coast. It was eye-opening that we face such a public health hazard — as well as a degrading and distasteful situation for locals and visitors alike. The lack of public restrooms has resulted in visitors to the area relieving themselves wherever up and down the coast. A local resident told me her husband has to don disposable gloves and spend about 15 minutes every day cleaning up toilet paper and everything else from their driveway. You will hear me say this often — our residents deserve better!

Another thing I heard over and over again is that residents want action.  It is clear the people of Big Sur have great ideas and suggestions and are frustrated because their good ideas are listened to, but not implemented.  They are tired of endless meetings, study groups and reports — especially when public safety is at stake. They need action. 

The frustration expressed underscores a key reason why I am running. As your Supervisor I will never be  “just one vote.”  Solutions to our county problems require bringing disparate sides together to reach the critical three votes. We can do better and we must do better to achieve results that matter.

At another recent meeting, the League of Women Voters provided an excellent presentation from Santa Cruz County Supervisor Zach Friend. He discussed a Santa Cruz County ordinance regarding campaign contribution control that places realistic limits and enforcement regulations on some county elections. Their ordinance states in part that "Large sums of money are often expended to finance election campaigns. Inherent in the high cost of election campaigning is the problem of excessive or improper influence, real or perceived, exercised by campaign contributors over elected officials and over the electoral process itself." In 2012, in the Monterey County Supervisor District 5 race alone, more than $600,000 was spent. Friend’s message was that in Santa Cruz County, candidates still raise the funds needed to inform voters but less money is wasted on excessive campaigning.

While these numbers seem daunting, we acknowledge that if we are going to win, we will need to raise this kind of money.  And we also acknowledge that we need to win to be able to govern. To do that, we need you. Please continue to tell your friends and neighbors about Mary Adams for Supervisor 2016. Our most critical step right now is gathering both endorsements and donations.  

Thank you for your support and keep up the great work!   



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