Mary Adams

Focusing on the Critical Issues We Care About and Getting Results

In her first term, Supervisor Mary Adams has gotten the job done on the issues that matter to us: Improving transportation, reducing traffic, increasing access to affordable housing, bringing clean energy to County residents, keeping local communities moving after recent destructive storms, prioritizing public safety, and making government more accountable.

Tackling the Housing Crisis

Mary made sure the County invested in the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership Housing Trust Fund, leveraging millions to fund affordable housing in Monterey County. She supported employer-sponsored housing projects, innovative public/private partnerships to spur housing construction, and pushed the County to come into compliance with State accessory dwelling unit laws.

Improving Infrastructure and Transportation

Mary helped expedite construction of the Cachagua Road Slip Out and ensured that the Highway 1 climbing lane met community needs.

Increasing Access to Clean Energy

Mary led the County to become a founding member of Monterey Bay Community Power, bringing cleaner, more affordable energy to County residents. And she has taken action to reduce plastics waste.

Making Our Communities Safer for Local Families and Children

Mary led the effort to fund new local social workers to improve safety for children and helped implement the Text to 9-1-1 program, a critical tool for those who are deaf, speech impaired, or can’t safely make an audio call for help. And she helped create a No Parking Pilot Program to improve pedestrian safety along Highway 1.

Helping the Big Sur Community Recover After the Storms

Mary built a quick response team after Highway 1 and the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge closed following the 2017 storms. She pushed State leaders to focus on re-opening the highway and bridge in record time, while also securing funding for the Big Sur Shuttle in the meantime, which kept local residents moving and reduced traffic. Mary’s leadership was instrumental in helping protect the health and safety of Big Sur residents and support ongoing tourism, which is a major driver of our County budget.

Strengthening Fire Prevention

Mary helped create a countywide Fire Fuels Mitigation Program, which is working to reduce the threat of wildfires throughout the County.

Supporting the Cannabis Industry

Mary has served as a strong voice for industry leaders, small farmers, and regulators alike. And she led on implementing a pilot outdoor grow program to bring economic opportunity to the District.

Making Government More Transparent, Accountable, and Inclusive

Mary has helped increase transparency over spending of local tax dollars and held numerous community meetings to listen to and empower residents. She strongly believes in meeting residents where they are, and giving everyone a voice in their local government.