My life has been dedicated To public service and I never forget whom I serve. As your Supervisor, I have the honor of hearing your hopes for our community and then working toward solutions that make people’s lives in Monterey County better. And we’re getting results. I’m running for re-election in 2020 so we can keep making a difference together. Please join us.”

Join Us!

Dear Supporters,

I have some very big news.

Friday, December 6, was the deadline for a challenger to get in the race against us, and I am so honored to report that we will be running for re-election in March without an opponent!

In other words, we have won our campaign for re-election to the Monterey County Board of Supervisors! I will begin serving my second term in January of 2021.

Thank you so much for all you have done to get us here. Thank you to all of those who endorsed me, donated generously, and helped us run a vigorous campaign to prepare for the possibility of facing a strong opponent. Thank you to my incredible campaign manager, Erika Armstrong and to my entire staff for making this win possible.

I originally decided to run for re-election because, while we are making great progress in Monterey County, we’ve still got work to do.

Going forward, we’ll continue to tackle our affordable housing crisis, pushing forward with employer-sponsored housing projects and innovative public/private partnerships to spur construction. We’ll continue to advocate for affordable, sustainable water and regional water projects. We'll move forward with critical infrastructure projects like the undergrounding of utility lines, to increase community safety and ensure cell coverage works better for all residents and visitors, particularly those traveling on Highway 1.

We’ll work closely with the County and transportation officials on safety improvements along Highway 1 and with CHP and law enforcement to meet local needs around road issues and traffic concerns.

We’ll pursue additional funding for fire prevention projects, to protect our beautiful coast and communities and all who live here, and we’ll advocate for stronger fire insurance protections for homeowners at the statewide level.

We’ll keep working to make Monterey County an even more vibrant destination for tourism and hospitality, to help fuel our local economy.

And of course, I will never stop working to increase transparency in the spending of our local tax dollars.

Keeping our local government moving in the right direction will take all of us, so I hope you will stay involved. And even though my campaign for re-election may not be nearly as intense going forward as we were preparing for, I will be back in touch soon about ways we can work together to help other strong local leaders win their elections in March, so we can make a difference for all of us here, in District 5 and beyond.

Thank you so much again for all you have done for our campaign, and more importantly, for our community. I feel so fortunate that I can look forward to a second term as your Supervisor, with you by my side.

More soon.


Supervisor Mary Adams